260D Sryinge Pump

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260D Sryinge Pump

  • 260D Sryinge Pump
    260D Sryinge Pump


260D是第一台Isco D系列幫浦,專門設計用於在高壓和壓力程序下灌裝處理超臨界流體。 260D的壓力控制為517 bar7,500 psi),流速範圍從0.001107 mL / min260D為超臨界二氧化碳和其他流體的提供許多研發或方法開發。雙系統可提供將溶劑改良劑添加的能力,或提供不間斷的連續流動的能力。

260D還可用於各種其他應用,滿足其流量和壓力規格。對於需要壓力高達10,000 psi和或更高的低流量精度的應用,請參見100D型號。


Standard Features

a.     260D pump has 1/8" Valco fittings for easy connection in process and pilot-plant plumbing.

b.     Integral button-style pressure transducer in cylinder cap assures excellent stability and repeatability.

c.      Rugged single-ratio drive train has auto-lubricating gears to assure long life and low maintenance.

d.     Each Isco D-Series syringe pump is bench tested at the factory.

e.     Cylinder wash system protects the seals from deposits.

f.       Exclusive "Smart Key" controller. All Isco D-series pumps use the same controller that can operate any four pump modules, either independently or together. Operating modes include:

n   Single pump independent constant flow or pressure

n   Single pump flow - or pressure - ramp programming

n   Single pump dispensing

n   Dual pump continuous constant flow or pressure

n   Dual pump concentration gradients

n   Three-pump configured systems

g.      RS-232/485 serial interface for computer control or monitoring of operating parameters.

h.     Redundant safety is designed in. All D-Series pumps have mechanical and electrical fail-safes, in addition to the factory default or user-set limits.

i.       Corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 - the standard material for cylinders, pistons, and caps - is an austenitic stainless steel with outstanding strength and corrosion resistance.

j.       Standard seals are heavy-duty, graphite-impregnated Teflon, providing very long life under harsh operating conditions.


a.     Supercritical Fluids techniques including extraction, reaction, and chromatography

b.     Precision fluid feed in small-scale experiments

c.      Specialized chromatography and other analytical applications requiring extremely low flow noise and mL/min range flows.

260D High Pressure Syringe Pump Datasheet