30D Syringe Pump​

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30D Syringe Pump​

  • 30D Syringe Pump​
    30D Syringe Pump​

高壓應用 - 高達2,068 bar30,000 psi

30D高壓針筒幫浦採用傳統的幫浦為進行更深層核心分析。它不僅輕鬆處理特殊的低流量穩定性,而且能夠達到2068 bar30,000 psi)的壓力。它是需要精確控制的高壓實驗的理想選擇,例如:用於深井油藏碳氫化合物回收研究的岩心分析;化學過程開發中的反應物進料;和使用納米毛細管填充柱的蛋白質體學研究。

Standard Features

a.          30D pump has 1/4" F-250 fittings for secure high-pressure connections

b.          Volume delivery of 0.00001 to 22 ml/min

c.          Refill rate up to 29ml/min

d.          Pressure accuracy 0.2% full scale

e.          Displacement resolution 1.83 nL/step

f.           Exclusive "Smart Key" controller. All Isco D-series pumps use the same controller that can operate any four pump modules, either independently or together. Operating modes include:

n  Single pump independent constant flow or pressure

n  Single pump flow - or pressure - ramp programming

n  Single pump dispensing

n  Dual pump continuous constant flow or pressure

n  Dual pump concentration gradients

n  Three-pump configured systems

g.          RS-232 serial interface, RS-485 2 wire serial interface, USB and Ethernet using TCP/IP for computer control or monitoring of operating parameters.

h.          Redundant safety is designed in. All D-Series pumps have mechanical and electrical fail-safes, in addition to the factory default or user-set limits.

i.           Corrosion resistance. Nitronic 50 - the standard material for cylinders, pistons, and caps - is an austenitic stainless steel with outstanding strength and corrosion resistance.

j.           Standard seals are heavy-duty, graphite-impregnated Teflon, providing very long life under harsh operating conditions.


a.          Rock core analysis for hydrocarbon recovery studies in deep-well reservoirs

b.          High pressure experiments requiring precision control


c.          Proteomics research using nanobore capillary packed columns


30D High Pressure Syringe Pump Datasheet